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The beauty of the Macedonian folk dances, songs, instruments and national costumes, combined with the talented dancers and creative choreography create this dynamic community of “guardians of the national heritage”, that promotes peace and progress and use art as the common language to reach out to people from different countries.

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The folk dances in Macedonia feature elegant movements, exciting rhythms and a sensibility arising from the soul of a nation. Macedonian folk dances are characterized by a fascinating combination of tenderness, manliness and skill, which in the highly developed rhythm of the dance make a wonderful spectacle, an exceptional show of art in the true sense of the world.

“We, the Macedonians, have no pyramids and sphinx. Our homeland is not decorated with palaces of material monuments, yet, we have something that neither centuries nor tyrant’s demon hands can destroy. That unrestrained power is cast into the unique monument- the folk dance and song, the richest and most valued heritage that have been left to us from past life and culture of the Macedonian, which has been preserved up to the present day.”

Josif Cheshmedziev (1926)

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